Thursday, October 18, 2007

My wedding reception

It's almost time for my big day on 20th October 2007. Really looking forward for my wedding reception. A big thank you for those who are helping me to organised this event. It will be a poolside wedding thus praying hard that it won't rain on that day.
Here are some of my wedding bridal photos.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Idea Jam

Bruce Elgort has just send out the press release for the launch of the Idea Jam. Idea Jam is a site where users of IBM’s Lotus software products can exchange ideas on how to improve Lotus products. Others can help promote and/or demote ideas, as well as, providing feedback through comments. Popular ideas will rise to the top. It was developed by Elguji Software in conjunction with Matt White, and Sean Burgess. It has a nice, simple interface and runs on IBM Lotus Domino 8.0.

Site registration will open to the public on November 20th, 2007. So head on there to contribute your ideas.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Simplifying Evaluate

I came across this tips from Tommy Valand site. Used it and loved it. I have even roll out on production application. He show a way to simplify getting the return value from evaluate function

Dim commonUsername As String
commonUsername = Implode( Evaluate( |@Name( [CN] ; @UserName )| ) )

Just becareful that you know the Evaluate return single value and not multiple value.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Quick Tip: Firebug CSS editor

I'm sure most of you who use Firebug, make use of the CSS editor directly in Firebug to view UI changes. Just found out that it support to up and down arrow button also. Thus for example, you want to increase the border size, just need to click on the CSS element and press the up key. This will scroll the value up and you can see the UI changes take effect. It is faster than typing the value especially when you need to test different values. Neat. Another thumbs up for Firebug.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

IBM Lotus Symphony - Memory resources

IBM Lotus Symphony is built on Lotus Expeditor (Eclipse) platform. It is quite a memory resource intensive platform. For comparison, it needs 66,648K to open Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet compare to 9,660K to open MS Excel.

This would definitely be one deterrent for some people to use Symphony. In my current company, there are still people with just 256 MB RAM on their old PC. 512 MB is the usual. Only the newer pc have 1 GB & above. So with Windows, Lotus Notes Client, etc opened, for majority, Symphony will be consider a very resource intensive application and may be consider slow. It would be a major boost if the resource utilisation can be trim down.