Friday, June 19, 2009

WebSphere Portal Sametime chat issue on IE8

From WebSphere Portal, users are using sametime chat through the web browser. After upgrading to Internet Explorer 8, the sametime chat window can be open but the chat functionality is not working. If a person pings you, a chat window opens but the screen remains empty.

To solve this, add in IE8 into the supported client in the portal administration. Go to Admin Page -- Portal Settings -- Supported Clients.

Initially, the lastest version is IE7. Thus make add a new client with IE 8. All the settings can be the same as the IE7 settings except the User Agent and Version.

After restarting the server, the sametime chat is working fine through IE8.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WebSphere Portal.Next Beta - WCM first look

WebSphere Portal.Next Beta is now available. You can get more infomation from the wiki link here.

I have just install it and have a first look at the WCM. First thing you will notice is the additional navigation available at the top area.

Going into the Edit Shared Setting, in the Rich Text Options, there are three option, Standard Editor, Legacy Editor and Custom Editor. By default Legacy editor is selected. To test out the Ephox editor, the Standard Editor have to be selected.

Below is the sample of the Standard Editor (Ephox)

If you go into the Manage Page in the administrator, there's a new option New Web Content Page. This option is available for portal if you install the new Web Content Management Rendering Portlet. That is available at the Portal Catalog.

For this option you can select which content to be display in the page directly and also what template to be use.

It is just a short brief look. I will spend some more time on that later and look into the features in more details.