Friday, August 31, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

Today mark Malaysia's 50th anniversary of our independence day. There's a Fireworks competition (MIFC) held at Putrajaya. Click here for some fireworks pictures.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Malaysia 50 Years of Independence - Merdeka

31st August 2007, Malaysia will celebrate our 50th Years of Independence, Merdeka. Come join the celebration.

APRRC 2007 Malaysia

After 18 months of preparation, Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference 2007 have been pulled through successfully. It was organised by Rotaract clubs in district 3300 (Malaysia). It is a first time I help to organise & participate in a Rotaract conference this size. There were delegates from Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Macau, Australia, Hungary, Korea, etc. It was fill with lots of fun and excitement.

It started of with the opening ceremony follow by Rotaract Festival where showcase of food and other stuff from participating countries. Then the night follow with a colourful cultural night. Some country is very creative with mixture of original culture and modern performance. It got everyone up and dancing.

The next day was follow by workshop sessions. The night is at a cowboy town filled with performance. On the last day it was was another plenary session follow by the closing ceremony. Then everyone couldn't wait to go to the water park for the farewell beach party. It was such a fun and wild party. Although the wave pool was cold it didn't stop us from partying in the pool.

Here is some pictures during the event:
1) Rotaractors pictures
2) Opening day
3) Cultural night
4) Workshops
5) final day closing ceremony

Monday, August 20, 2007

Lotus Notes 8 - The hype

There are so much hype around Lotus community on Lotus Notes 8. I remember the hassle of migrating from Domino 5 to 6. We had more than 100 applications to test and to make sure all the functions are working properly. Now for 6 to 8, I wonder how much work it will take. I've yet to actually test existing application on Domino 8. How will current application fair on the new Eclipse based client? Looking forward to see what other people's experience of upgrading to Domino 8. But not looking forward for the hassle to test all the applications before upgrading.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Portletize Lotus Notes Application - Part 1 (Profile Sets)

From the existing samples in Portlet Factory (PF), you can get a simple Lotus Notes (LN) application up and running in no time. I will skip the most details covered in the sample.

By using just a Domino View & Form builder, you can get the most simple function of viewing, creating, editing and deleting documents. When setting up the builder, you have to put in the property file for the Domino connection, Database Name, etc. Development and production server should have different settings.

In LN, I normally use profile document. The profile document would contain settings that is needed for the application to run. Same for PF, we can use Profile Set also. Profile Sets contains one or more profiles entries. There's a sample on PF samples page on how to use the profiles feature.

An example that we can use here is to set a profile for the Database name. In my environment, production path and development path is different. Thus for the application to run, it have to point to the correct database path. First, create a Profile Input for the Database name. If a profile set does not exist, you can create a new profile set. Then create a new Profile Entry name DatabaseName type text. I give it a default value to the development server database path.

Next is to set the entries configurable on the portal. Add in a Portlet Adapter builder to create the portlet. Then scroll down to Portlet Sets section. There should be a list of Profile Sets that is created. For those that you want to be configurable, it can be set to "Show individual profile values in Configure". You may want to check on "Require Configuration". This would force the portlet to be configured during deployed before it can be used.

I received a portlet application from a team and it needs code changes everytime it is deploy in development and production. This cause a lot of issue when they forget to make the changes. Thus using the Profile Set example above, it provides a more flexible way to deploy application to different environments.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

YSlow - 13 Simple Rules for Speeding Up Your Web Site

Yahoo! Developer Network provides a list of 13 rules for speeding up website. To check if a website follow the simple rules, Yahoo! have provide a nice tool, YSlow. It is a plugin on Firebug. YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they're slow based on the 13 rules.

Ironically, I've check the Yahoo Performance article page. It have a rating of "F" get a better rating of "B". Some of the rule they get B, C and worst F. I would expect them to have mostly A.

I'm working on a web portal now. Before tuning, I have some issue for expire header and gzip component. I manage to tweak things a bit and get the rating improved. The only luxury that I don't have is Content Delivery Network.

Guess who get the "A" rating below. It's one of Yahoo's biggest competitor.