Friday, December 17, 2010

Body Browser

Something cool. Google showing of WebGL with Body Browser. It uses the HTML5 Canvas element and does not require Flash, Java or other graphical plugins to run. You'll see a three-dimensional layered model of the human anatomy that you can zoom in on, rotate and search.

WebGL support hasn't hit mainstream browsers, but the beta versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox all support it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

XPages - Line Break Set Visible to Hide

Building XPages application does post some challenge initially. Thus I will be updating some stuff that I learned along the way.

A good page to start is going through the Tutorial at the Lotus Wiki.

To set a Core Control, for example Label, to be hidden, we can use the property Visible. The image below uses Computed Value:
var rc = rowData.getResponseCount();
return (rc > 0)

If you have a line break and want to hide it, you won't find the property to set visibility. In All Properties, you can set it at Basics -> Rendered. I hide it if the row count is more than 0.