Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lotus Notes Multiple Level Categorized View using Rico Accordian

Follow up with the first write-up, attached is a prototype sample of accordian with 2 level category.

I've use ?ReadViewEntries to get the view data and process it into the format needed by Rico Accordian. This sample is just to test if Rico Accordian can support multiple level. Yes, multiple level does work but there are drawbacks. From this html example page, you can see that the second level have 3 categories. It show all three but if add more category, they will be hidden and user have to scroll down to view it. You have to dynamically resize each category size which is tedious to do. If we add another level in, things get worst. I would recommend to stick to a single level category when using Rico Accordian. The multi level categories sample download is here.

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