Friday, December 22, 2006

Upgrade to IE 7 vs Firefox 2

I was going through this month statistic of my blog. This come a little surprise to me. Both Firefox 2.0 and IE 7 a while ago.

For firefox, users 62% users already upgrade to 2.0 and another 5% is already on

For IE, only 19% of the users have upgraded to IE 7.

So what does this means? I myself is still on IE6. One of the reason was proven by the statistics. Most people are still on IE 6 so my development have to support them. And I can't install both IE 7 and IE 6 together on the same machine. Lets just see how fast IE 7 will gain momentum.


Mark said...

Hi William,

Regarding your last comment about not being able to install IE6 and 7 on a single machine: you're right, but here's a handy tip: Microsoft released a free image for Virtual PC containing IE6 on XP.

I also need to develop for both IE6 and 7. I've upgraded my local installation to 7 and use the VPC image for testing.

See here for details and the download.


William Beh said...

Hi Mark,

I read about the Virtual PC. I'm running on quite minimal resource machine at the moment. I don't think I want to run a Virtual PC. May need to convince my boss to upgrade for me :)

Thanks for the info anyway.

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Anonymous said...
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