Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dojo API documentation site frustration

I head out to Dojo API site to check some stuff. It look way so long to load the main page (> 3 minutes). There are more than 50 objects (I stop counting... should be close to 80-90 objects) that is loaded. I already frustrated to be stuck in some Dojo stuff and now I have to wait for so long to look at their API documentation. Not to mention that it is still not completed yet.

With so many different javascript framework out there, Dojo really have to buck up here. A good example is YUI. It have comprehensive documentation. The documentation is also available in the download so you can refer to it locally.


Anonymous said...

The Dojo toolkit seems to be the moste structured kit out there. Not only interface...
You might want to hang in and digg through since Dojo is IBM's choice for all the shiny new stuff like connections and Quickr (and Portal in not too far future).
My 2c
:-) stw

William Beh said...

I'm working mostly on IBM prods. That's only reason I still stick to Dojo. Hopefully will see some fruitful results. Looking forward for Quickr and Connections.