Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Thanks to AirAsia, my recent trip to Langkawi just cost below RM 100 (USD 30) for two way flight (Kuala Lumpur - Langkawi), including airport tax, fuel surcharge and travel insurance. Last year I managed to get free ticket to Cambodia on AirAsia (just have to pay for tax and fuel surcharge). AirAsia motto "now everyone can fly" stay true, providing budget traveler like me with affordable flights. If you are in or coming to ASEAN countries, do check out AirAsia for budget flights.


This is not a promotion for them (maybe yes in a way) and I'm not affiliated to them. Just sharing information for good flight deal. But bear in mind, it's a budget airline. Always hear of delay. My experience was delay for around 1/2 - 1 hours, so still acceptable. Once the plane was early and we arrive early too. Food is served seperately. I tried Nasi Lemak (local Malaysia food) and it does taste good although serve cold. On newer planes (Airbus), the seat space was good. But on the older planes, they are quite cramp. But for a 1 to 2 hours flight, it is bearable.

Check out some of the pictures I took in Langkawi here.

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