Monday, October 01, 2007

IBM Lotus Symphony - Memory resources

IBM Lotus Symphony is built on Lotus Expeditor (Eclipse) platform. It is quite a memory resource intensive platform. For comparison, it needs 66,648K to open Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet compare to 9,660K to open MS Excel.

This would definitely be one deterrent for some people to use Symphony. In my current company, there are still people with just 256 MB RAM on their old PC. 512 MB is the usual. Only the newer pc have 1 GB & above. So with Windows, Lotus Notes Client, etc opened, for majority, Symphony will be consider a very resource intensive application and may be consider slow. It would be a major boost if the resource utilisation can be trim down.


Chris Whisonant said...

It's not just because it's Expeditor. Part of it (most of it?) may be due to it being an OpenOffice implementation. See this comparison of OOo to MS Office.

William Beh said...

From the chart, OO does use more resource. But to top up from that, Expeditor need quite some resource also. Thus Symphony end up using more resource. But then again, the money save on MS Office suite license can get more resource for the PC