Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Adding portlet into People Palette or Content Palette page in WebSphere Portal 6.1

I want to add the Sametime Contact List portlet into the People Palette page in WebSphere Portal 6.1. First thing you will notice is that the page design is lock so you cannot add in any extra portlet. So unlock the portlet area to put additional portlet.

After putting in the Sametime Contact List portlet, I tried to view the People Palette but it is not showing. On IBM support page - Theme does not allow the addition of portlets to flyouts. This is a solution for Portal 6.0. The people finder portlet in the page is automatically maximise thus any additional portlet is hidden. If you restore the people finder portlet, you can see the portlet that is added.

In WPS 6.1, you cannot use the fix from the list. The fix can be done at the theme page, flyout.jspf. On the line

<portal-navigation:urlGeneration contentNode='ibm.portal.People Palette' layoutNode='ibm.portal.People Palette Control' newWindow='true' portletWindowState='Maximized'>

You can remove the portletWindowState='Maximized'. This will show the portlets in default state. Thus when open the people palette page it can show multiple portlets immediately.

This also applies to the Content Palette page.

<portal-navigation:urlGeneration contentNode='ibm.portal.Content Palette' layoutNode='ibm.portal.Content Palette Control' newWindow='true' portletWindowState='Maximized'>


Travis Retzlaff said...

Thanks for the tip!

Did the DWA Redirect tip posted in the Portal Forums work for your Domino mail issue?

William Beh said...

I have not tried the DWA Redirect. Need to wait for the Domino Administrator to come back to me. Thanks Travis.