Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HTTP 404 errors when previewing new XPages

I'm going through a tutorial on XPages. After creating a new XPage and when I save the document, a message prompt me that Automatic Build is not selected. I ignore the message and proceed. I tried to preview the Xpage but got a 404 error.

It seems that after saving the XPage, it have to be build. It can be done through enabling automatically build or right click on the XPage and click build.

Previous experience developing Lotus application, I do not need to compile or build any forms, scripts, etc. The Lotus designer will handle all of those. Now it seems that the designer is moving something similar to Java Eclipse base IDE. I feel that this is a step backwards. The designer should be keep simple and straightforward as the previous version.


Stephan Wissel said...

In the project menu is an option "Auto Build" which should be checked (Default is ON, but we have cases where after an install it is off). Once you switch that on Eclipse builds on save. So it is easy as before, but you have the choice to intervene between save & build.

Jerry Shelley said...

Make sure you can see the Progress tab as it builds, so that you know when it has finished building and you can redisplay the XPage in your browser. This is especially true for those of us developing over a broadband connection to a remote server.

William Beh said...

I know there's an auto built. What I want to highlight is that with the new platform, there's a extra thing that developer have to take note of.