Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IBM Lotus Foundations

Yesterday I went for the IBM Lotus Foundations Start technical workshop. The product itself, hardware and software, are interesting. Have tested installing on Lotus Foundation on VM. The setup is very easy. Installing Domino and other packages takes a few extra steps but still very easy.

What impress me the most the the backup. It is not a full scale enterprise backup solution but for Small Medium Business SMB, the backup solution should be good enough. In the workshop, I've tried removing the primary harddisk and adding a new primary harddisk on the VM. Restoring the server to the previous state was relatively easy. It can provide the SMB with a more affordable backup and recovery solution.

Now it's time to actually look at the pricing and how it "affordable" it is here in Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Tested on VM is seem ok.
Real server is a challenge, latest IBM Server hardware still not supported