Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Websphere Portal iFrame portlet on IE 7

I was testing an Websphere Portal v6.0 iFrame portlet. It was working on IE 6.0 and Firefox. But on IE 7, I get the error message below.

The portlet cannot be displayed because your browser does not support iframes.

My first impression was that IE7 support for iframe was disable. So I check the IE settings and it seems alright. After some searching around, I found the problem is not with IE7. It's a known issue but can be easily solved. Go to the Portal Administration -> Portal Settings -> Supported Clients. The list of supported client is listed there. IE 7 is missing. Just "Add new client" and filled up the information as per MSIE 6.0. Only the information below needs to be changed

User Agent:
.*MSIE 7.0.*


It would be much easier if we could make a copy of the IE 6.0 client setting and make the necessary changes only. Any portlet guru who can modify the Supported Client setting portlets to have additional copy function?

Looking forward to play around more with Portal Server.

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Anonymous said...

Search IBM Support. There is a fix for the Portal for IE7 support - covering among other things this.